West-Vlaaderen, Belgium

Beroep: CNC Operator
Hobbys: Modelbouw, Football Club Brugge, lopen...
Callsign: bill1


Over bill1
Hello fellow modelling friends. It's about 10 years now that I building kits... but the last 3 years I love to build diorama's. That's a real passion now these days for me...so hard that I have starting with a blog for building diorama's. So feel free to visit my Diorama blog: http://thedioramaworld.blogspot.com/

Mijn TrofeeŽn

Burnt sand.: Inititialen van campagne op een woestijnkleurige achtergrond.
Crossing The Rhine: BLack, divided verticaly by one Yellow stripe
Fire Down Below: This ribbon is awarded to those brave young men who fulfilled heir jobs under a hail of fire from high above or down below.
VIRUS 72: - CAUTION!! - 
Any member showing this ribbon was infected with the Kitmaker Benelux Virus 72 campaign 2007.