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MISSIE: Walcheren 1944 / Battle of the scheldt river            

  MISSIE:Walcheren 1944 / Battle of the scheldt river
  STARTDATUM:May 1st, 2005
  EINDDATUM:October 31st, 2005
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Walcheren 44

De achtergrond van de operatie
The liberation of Walcheren was part of the attempt to clear the Scheldt mouth in order to use Antwerp for the necessary distribution of vehicles, fuel, munitions and other supplies.
The Antwerp harbour was already liberated by the Allies on September 4th 1944, but entrance was impossible because of the heavy German artillery in Zeeland.
Especially Walcheren, as an important part of the Atlantikwall, was equipped with heavy artillery.
The fighting to clear this area from the Germans was called “The battle of the Scheldt” and became eventually an allied success, but only at the cost of heavy military losses, a high amount of civilian casualties and enormous material damage; the island of Walcheren was almost entirely flooded.
On November 8th 1944 the Germans on Walcheren capitulated and the Battle of the Scheldt ended. It took until November 26th before the harbour of Antwerp could be used safely after the Scheldt was sweeped clear of mines (operation Calendar).

The goal of our Walcheren Campaign is to model any situation, vehicle or figure that participated in The battle of the Scheldt, Allied as well as Axis.


Campaign era:
From the liberation of Antwerp (September 4th, 1944) until the capitulation of the Germans on Walcheren (November 8th, 1944).
This includes the following highlights:
11 September : bombardment Breskens
3 October : bombardment on sea-dike at Westkapelle to flood Walcheren
6 October : Start operation Switchback to liberate Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.
24 October : Start operation Vitality to liberate Zuid-Beveland. (Canadian troops)
26 October : Units of the British 52 Infantry Division landed on coast at Baarland.
31 October : Allied attack on Sloedam by the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Infantry
Division and the British 52e (Lowland) Infantry Division)
1 November : Landings at Vlissingen (Infatuate I) and Westkapelle (Infatuate II)
3 November : Operation Mallard; landings Bijleveldpolder behind sea-dike by the 6th Battalion
The Cameronians
6 November : Liberation Middelburg
8 November : Liberation of Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

Army units involved:
Axis, among others:
70. Infantry-Division under command of Gen.Lt. Wilhelm Daser.
- Grenadier-Regiment 1019
- Festungs-Stamm-Truppen LXXXIX..
Allied, among others:
1st Canadian Army,
5th Canadian Infantry Brigade / 2nd Infantry
- Black Watch (RHR) of Canada
- The Calgary Highlanders
- Le Régiment de Maisonneuve
British 52 (Lowland) Infantry Division.
79th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
80th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
5th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery
3rd Medium Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery.

Suggested allied vehicles:
LVT-4 Buffalo Amphibian Tank, DUKW, Sherman, Sherman Crab, Sherman Firefly , Weasels Amphibian vehicle, Bren Carriers, General Motors truck, Chevrolet truck, jeep, etc

Suggested axis vehicles:
FAMO, Mercedes, Opel Blitz trucks, Sturmi, …
Probably: kubelwagen, schwimmwagen,…

De regels
- Open for every Armorama member
- Build any figure, vehicle, aircraft or vessel that participated in the
Battle of the Scheldt
- For 1/35 and smaller figures, the minimum build limit is 3
- Dioramas are also accepted and welcome
- Any material and any kind of technique is welcome, weather it is straight-out-of- the-box or a complete scratchbuild.
- Any scale smaller than 1:1 ?
- You are free to build as many models or diorama's as you like

Questions or other ideas?
Mail me: [email protected] or leave me a PM on Armorama

Het wedstrijd element
Because of the specific subject all who have completed and submitted a picture of their work (preferable together with a short description of the subject, building process and final result) will receive a medal.
The main thing is to have fun and enjoy your build and that of others.


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